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Fórum oficial de Champions of Minecraft.

Download V. 1.17.0

Six Tolak
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador

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Download V. 1.17.0

Mensagem por Six Tolak em Sex 28 Ago - 17:35

Hello guys!
Here we go for another download! And now is the definitive version!
Before download please read the notes below:

1 Now the altars on the walls have the banner of defending the kingdom wall
2- In Syrtis wall several trees were triggered.
3 Now the flags of the altar of the walls of each kingdom emit a color that represents the kingdom.
4 Now there are several interagíveis NPCs on the map (something that will take a long time to get ready)
5 Now there EPIC in map specific points. Below a tutorial on how to eliminate them:
It will take quite strong arms about +10 damage and life potions or more players.
The epic will drop on occasion items. These items themselves are armor "15% chance to drop"
and weapons "10% chance to drop" in addition to Diamonds "65%" and there is no chance not drop anything. Epic will
reespawn 5 minutes.
6- Some caves of dragons were modified
- The arrows of the epic have been removed
- Now if you have the epic staves (only the outside of the wall)
7- NPCs were added to make the exchange of items (central save time only)
1 Now the dragons have a new and weapons also set, off the chance to drop that was increased armor now
It has a 50% chance of being dropadas and weapons 30%, and golden apples also changed and now the chance to
drop them is 50%
2- In all realms are now two legendary
3 Now there are NPCs that sell weapons
What are the bug fixes in this release?
1. Fixed the bug of walls and forts, which were not armor or weapons for defense
2. The bug has been resolved Hearts
1 Now the archers NPCs speak the dialogues of other guards


Six Tolak

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