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The Carnival

Six Tolak
Six Tolak
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador

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The Carnival

Mensagem por Six Tolak em Qui 29 Jan - 2:23

The carnival is next month, but we really want to advance some things that will be implemented on Friday update coming ...

The island of Carnival itself is the same as last year ...
The catch is that it was much changed two "missions". Let the plot?
(When you reach the Carnival Island, you, young adventurer are tired of your long journey. You come to the island, and when the fog lowers you see estrutras and barrulho fires. You curious if faced with a plate, this plate is written: "welcome, ahead is the city."
Getting to town, the villagers receive him, and indicate places to pick up a souvenir ... Bad knew his adventure would start ... When advancing in the city for a punch, and behind two towers, around several other ... However there is a puzzle at the gate, there are several levers, is life or death ...
The gate opens, you lie and looks at brightness ahead ... There is a message. After reading, you take the chest torches, and part toward the towers.)

This is a brief start it there is a complete mission to get festive items carnival of the village NPCs, and the beginning of the second mission, a journey to rid the people of the Carnival of aberrations that have set up their headquarters there.
Off it all, still have several things to do on the island, such as hunting chests hidden the map and within them there are rewards. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, and of course, do not forget that in addition to this update of the Carnival of Alsius Wall had all their biome and redone territory.
So hot and laborious update us! Hope you enjoy!
Tomorrow we will have the download available for MEGA and Saturday to MediaFire and 4Shared.
Eager as we are to this release? Stay tuned!

Six Tolak

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