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Fórum oficial de Champions of Minecraft.

Patch: 9.5 (01)

Six Tolak
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador

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Patch: 9.5 (01)

Mensagem por Six Tolak em Ter 9 Dez - 20:16

According to the records reported by our testers, there were several problems in Ignis realm, as black blocks or inaccessible parts, which resulted's maid golems (over 200) in one of the affected cities and a mountain in the same cidade.Já in another city, there were houses being destroyed problems of nowhere and black blocks which then caused huge damage in the city, thus making a large hole.
These problems until I got to have developer, and using a map editor could fix these parts literally buggy.
We have the bug in Nether that we can not solve it, it is a bug version (1.7.2), however, this bug has created new areas in cities.
This is the first correction patch we launched, as even after 1 day of release is inadmissible, so until Friday (12/12/2014) will be released a patch to correct these problems.
We apologize to everyone for this incident.


Development Team of Champions of Minecraft.

Six Tolak

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