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Update - Version 9.2 Step 1: Forts

Six Tolak
Six Tolak
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador

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Update - Version 9.2 Step 1: Forts

Mensagem por Six Tolak em Ter 4 Nov - 16:31

Hello again to all the community!
Recently, several plan changes, and now it's time for the running.
After several days without being able to prepare and think about releasing updates and several new hipótses things and changed some things.
First of all, you should ask yourself, and the battle zones that you promised to recreate?
The answer is simple, we are currently developing a weak computer without a good video card to run MC Edit application, you must at least have a good video card, cooisa that we develop in a notebook, tuo is onboard (all integrated on the motherboard, there is no way to remove or add parts, exceptions are the memories RAM, DVD players, network card that generates Wireless and Bluetooth connection and the HD).
And very soon we will get a better briefly a Core i5 desktop with 4 cores of 3.20GHz.
Now, the subject is the topic of version changes. This version will usher in two steps, this step is the modification of the main strengths (Samal, Aggersborgs and Herbred).
Ie: we have strong modifications of this version, and also have created temples in the vicinity of the walls, these temples are located in the light of the flag Minecraft.
Until this moment, we only did the structure of Samal and Aggersborgs, we will update in real time here on the forum when we do something really significant.
See you soon with more news!

Six Tolak

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