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List of changes: 6.2

Six Tolak
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador
Desenvolvedor / Developer / Desenrrollador

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List of changes: 6.2

Mensagem por Six Tolak em Sab 7 Dez - 21:23

Hello to all!

Let's start posting the changes of the new version: 6.2
It has been made ​​a part of the update.
During the week the topic will be published.
Now let the changes:
1 - Changes to the bridge that gives access to the Ruins of Ignis;
2 - Changes in the towers next to the bridges;
3 - Creating an arena next to the ruins of the Ignis;
4 - Creating and marking of boats that can cut short the players to these ports;
5 - The islands who could not reach except by boat (Island of Illusions) and (Isle of dimensions) can access via bridges within the realms.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Soon more changes ...
Ahh is a video of the update was released, and here it is:

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